Astro Jewels: Weekly Horoscope 7th August 2023 – 13th August 2023

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We step straight into the week with the Sun in Leo forming a square to Jupiter in Taurus. 

This may be a time when people are wanting to express themselves in a bigger and bolder way, or wanting to create something expansive and exciting that puts them at the forefront. 

On the 8th of August we enter the Last Quarter phase of the lunar cycle, which encourages us further to reduce the speed at which we may have recently been operating at. Instead of trying to get things started, this phase invites us to start closing things down.

Venus the planet of love, squares Uranus the planet of revolution, on the 9th of August. This could create some conflict in your relationships, especially if there are underlying feelings of being undervalued in some way. 

On the 10th of August, Mercury, the planet of communication will trine Jupiter, the planet of expansion, helping us to have more practical and productive conversations that allow for growth. 

Finally on the 13th of August, the Sun will be conjunct Venus, marking the halfway point of the current Venus retrograde cycle. Once again, our relationships and the things we value will be illuminated, especially when it comes to our own sense of self. 

This is a good opportunity to look at how we express ourselves with those we love and how much the connections we have with our nearest and dearest actually sustain us. 

With Love
Eula xxx

Key Dates For Your Cosmic Calendar

Sun square Jupiter – 7th August 2023 01:02 BST

Have the confidence to express yourself more boldly.

Moon enters Taurus – 7th August 2023 07:24 BST

Slow down the pace and focus on what feels good.

Last Quarter Moon – 8th August 2023 11:28 BST

A time for closure. Look at what is and isn’t serving you.  

Venus square Uranus – 9th August 2023 12:08 BST

Revolutionise or release relationships that don’t make you feel valued. 

Moon enters Gemini – 9th August 2023 14:05 BST

Listen and learn with curiosity.

Mercury trine Jupiter – 10th August 2023 01:47 BST

A time for practical and productive conversations and planning out your big ideas.

Moon enters Cancer – 11th August 2023 23:52 BST

Hold space but also hold energetic boundaries.

Balsamic Moon – 12th August 2023 08:27 BST

Retreat and relax. Reconnect with self-care.

Sun trine Chiron – 12th August 2023 19:12 BST

Approach your past pain and healing with courage and conviction.

Sun conjunct Venus – 13th August 2023 12:15 BST

Look at your sense of self in relation to your relationships.

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