Astro Jewels: Weekly Horoscope 18th September – 24th September 2023

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The luminaries will form their first square of the cycle on the 22nd September, when we enter the First Quarter Moon phase. This phase will be particularly potent as both the Sun and Moon will be right at the very end of their current signs in Virgo and Sagittarius respectively. 

The 29th degree, also known as the anaretic degree can often bring a sense of crisis, as we are faced with the tough lessons of the transit. But it can also bring a feeling of culmination and completion once we can assimilate these lessons. 

Squares often bring with them some form of conflict or tension as a way of getting us to do the work that is required to actually create something. And this one has the potential to create something substantial and sustaining. 

On the 23rd September the Sun starts its annual month-long journey through the sign of Libra.  Not only does this mark the beginning of Libra Season, but the first day of Autumn and Spring in the Northern & Southern hemispheres respectively.

This will be a period of possible potential for creating more beauty and harmony within our inner and outer worlds. Our relationships and close connections will be under the spotlight as will any issues around injustices and what we believe is and isn’t fair. I will talk more on this in the upcoming Libra Season Summary.

With Love
Eula xxx

Key Dates For Your Cosmic Calendar

Moon enter Scorpio – 18th September 2023 05:58 BST

Hold space for compassion, but ensure healthy boundaries are put in place to protect your energy.

Crescent Moon – 19th September 2023 03:00 BST

Commit to your intentions. Research what you need to succeed and gather your required resources.

Sun opposite Neptune – 19th September 2023 12:17 BST

Don’t lose yourself trying to balance what is realistic and what is idealistic. Finding the middle ground that honours you.

Moon enters Sagittarius – 20th September 2023 15:06 BST

Seek ideas and solutions that create structure and success.

Sun trine Pluto  – 21st September 2023 06:21 BST

Honour your transformation and allow yourself to bask in your brilliance.

First Quarter Moon – 22nd September 2023 20:32 BST

Be open to truly understanding lessons learned. Use this knowledge to move forward in action.

Moon enters Capricorn – 22nd September 2023 21:20 BST

Commit to doing the actual work and take practical, steady and consistent steps forward. 

Sun enters Libra – 23rd September 2023 07:50 BST

The spotlight is on your relationships and the potential to create more beauty and harmony in both your inner and outer worlds.

Venus trine Chiron – 23rd September 2023 09:17 BST

Honour how your past struggles have become your present strengths.  

Mars opposite Chiron – 24th September 2023 21:06 BST

Fight for what is fair. Make your healing and peace your priority. 

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