Astro Jewels: The Moon Cycle Guide 12th December 2023 – 11th January 2024

This month’s Moon Cycle is taking place between the 12th December 2023 23:32 GMT – 11th January 2024 11:57 GMT.

🌑 New Moon – 12th December 2023 23:32 GMT

Sun 20° 40’ Sagittarius
Moon 20° 40’ Sagittarius

Phase Focus: Instinct & Initiation

Reflection Point: Allow yourself to connect with your current needs and desires. Take time to explore what instinctively feels good to you.

🌒 Crescent Moon 16th December 2023 09:08 GMT

Sun 24° 07’ Sagittarius
Moon 09° 07’ Aquarius

Phase Focus: Planning & Potential

Reflection Point: Check in with what needs and desires still feel aligned. Set intentions and create a plan of aligned action steps to help you fulfil them.

🌓 First Quarter Moon – 19th December 2023 18:39 GMT

Sun 27° 35’ Sagittarius
Moon 27°35’ Pisces

Phase Focus: Action & Expansion

Reflection Point: Start taking aligned action towards your intentions. Identify the validity of any conflict you encounter and move forward accordingly with courage and conviction.

🌔 Gibbous Moon – 23rd December 2023 07:28 GMT

Sun 01° 11’ Capricorn
Moon 16° 11’ Taurus

Phase Focus: Analysis & Development

Reflection Point: Evaluate the progress of your intentions so far. Establish what is and isn’t working for you, refine your plan and seek suitable solutions where needed. 

🌕 Full Moon – 27th December 2023 00:33 GMT

Sun 04° 58’ Capricorn
Moon 04° 58’ Cancer

Phase Focus: Illumination & Fulfilment

Reflection Point: Be aware of what is being illuminated to you. Acknowledge what has been fulfilled and identify where more balance is needed to maximise potential.

🌖 Disseminating Moon – 30th December 2023 23:50 GMT

Sun 09° 00’ Capricorn
Moon 24° 00’ Leo

Phase Focus: Feedback & Integration

Reflection Point: Begin to incorporate what you have learned. Be open to sharing and receiving insight and experience with others to create mutual growth. 

🌗 Last Quarter Moon – 4th January 2024 03:30 GMT

Sun 13° 14’ Capricorn
Moon 13° 14’ Libra

Phase Focus: Reflection & Realignment

Reflection Point: Review the results of your intentions. Make the necessary cuts and adjustments to help you create completion and closure. 

🌘 Balsamic Moon – 8th January 2024 01:09 GMT

Sun 17° 13’ Capricorn
Moon 02° 13’ Sagittarius

Phase Focus: Release & Reset

Reflection Point: Prioritise rest and focus on recuperating your energy. Reflect on the lessons and blessings of the cycle and decide on what to bring forward and what to let go of. 

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