Astro Jewels: The Moon Cycle 17th July 2023 – 16th August 2023

This month’s Moon cycle is taking place between the 17th July 2023 – 16th August 2023.

🌑 New Moon in Cancer – 17th July 2023 @ 19:32 BST

✨ Connect in with what you want and need, especially around your home and family life, your emotional safety and security and your self-care and healing. Set your intentions, but don’t act straight away. 

🌒 Crescent Moon – 21st July 2023 @ 22:20 BST

✨ Check in with your intentions and notice any new information that has emerged. Do they still feel valid? Work on a plan of action.

🌓 First Quarter Moon – 25th July 2023 @ 23:07 BST

✨ Be aware of any conflicts that come up, especially between your emotional needs and your goals. Identify some common ground, so you can take decisive action. 

🌔 Gibbous Moon – 29th July 2023 @ 14:01 BST

✨ Evaluate your progress. Take note of what is and isn’t working. What needs to be refined so you can stay aligned? 

🌕 Full Moon in Aquarius – 1st August 2023 @ 19:31 BST

✨ Notice what is being illuminated for you. Especially around your contribution and place within your communities, social networks and groups, your sense of personal freedom, individuality and autonomy, and your ability to be innovation and forward thinking. 

🌖 Disseminating Moon – 4th August 2023 @ 23:53 BST

✨ Integrate what has been illuminated to you. Share with others and become both the student and the teacher. Their input could be invaluable to your growth and vice versa!

🌗 Last Quarter Moon – 8th August 2023 @ 11:28 BST

✨ Take decisive action and inject new energy into existing projects. Hoarding won’t help, so have the courage to close out what isn’t working. 

🌘 Balsamic Moon – 12th August 2023 @ 08:27 BST 

✨ Retreat and reflect on what you have learned from the beginning of the cycle. What are you bringing forward? What do you need to release? 

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