Astro Jewels: Moon In Libra 13th October 2023 – 15th October 2023

The Moon will be in Libra between the 13th October 2023 01:22 BST – 15th October 2023 12:04 BST.

Transit Themes

  • Needing to relate to others
  • Willingness to compromise
  • Being open to seeing all aspects
  • Focussing on love and relationships
  • Deliberating over decisions
  • Struggling with asserting sense of self
  • Striving for balance and harmony
  • Wanting justice or to feel a sense of fairness

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You may be feeling the need to relate more to others over the next few days, as the Moon makes its way through the relationship-orientated sign of Libra. 

During this time, you could experience some issues around your identity or sense of self, especially when it comes to your own autonomy. 

You may find others provoke some old wounds that need healing. However, people are likely to be more contemplative and compromising during this time, which could help to resolve any potential conflict. 

During this transit we move from the Balsamic phase to the New phase of the lunar cycle, where the luminaries connect up in the sky by conjunction. 

This phase is usually a time to allow yourself the space to feel into what you instinctively need or desire. Whilst exploring those things is still very much part of the process, this New Moon in Libra is also a Solar Eclipse.

Eclipses spark change and initiate both beginnings and endings, so it is likely that you will be experiencing some significant internal or external shifts at this time. 

In Libra, these could be happening within your close relationships or any partnerships you are part of, and anywhere in your life that needs more peace, harmony and fairness.

People pleasing problems and wherever you’ve been sacrificing your own peace for the sake of others will likely be brought to the surface for you to deal with.

If somethings out of balance, this eclipse will trigger the reset button. 

With Love
Eula xxx

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