Astro Jewels: Moon In Leo 29th December 2023 – 31st December 2023

The Moon will be in Leo between the 29th December 2023 00:23 GMT – 31st December 2023 11:53 GMT.

Transit Themes

  • Feeling confident
  • Focussed on status and public profile
  • Being more creative
  • Balancing work and play
  • Caring through sharing
  • Being stubborn
  • Big and bold goals
  • Integrating insight

You may be feeling lighter over the next few days, as the Moon moves through the joyful sign of Leo.

You’ll likely be feeling more creative and confident at this time, and you may be thinking about the big goals and visions you have for your life with more optimism. 

Whilst you may be itching to get to work on your ideas and intentions, it’s important to find balance between work and play. 

Stay open to insight at this time, as we will begin this transit still in the Full Moon phase, which will continue to put a spotlight on what we need in order to succeed.

We will then move into the Disseminating phase of the cycle, which invites us to start making changes based on what has recently been illuminated to us.

This is also a time for being generous and sharing what we know, and in some cases, what we have with love. There really is enough to go round!

With Love
Eula xxx

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