Astro Jewels: Moon In Leo 1st December 2023 – 4th December 2023

The Moon will be in Leo between the 1st December 2023 16:00 GMT – 4th December 2023 03:50 GMT.

Transit Themes

  • Having more self belief
  • Being idealistic about what is possible
  • Wanting to put your ideas out there
  • Feeling more optimistic
  • Tapping into your creativity
  • Seeking joy and happiness
  • Taking bolder action
  • Loving life more

You may be feeling more confident over the next few days, as the Moon travels through the bold sign of Leo.

Because you’ll likely have a greater belief in yourself and what is possible, this is a great time for stepping forward and doing something that would usually scare you.

We will remain in the Disseminating phase of the lunar cycle throughout this transit, which invites us to share our ideas and insight with love, and from an attitude of abundance. 

You may feel slightly conflicted with wanting to hoard what you know, but being open with your strategy could prove to be more beneficial in the long run.

During this period the energy supports us to also apply what we’ve learned through aligned action. 

Putting in the work is required to get results, but we can still bring play and adventure into the process. 

With Love
Eula xxx 

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