Astro Jewels: Moon in Gemini 3rd October 2023 – 5th October

The Moon will be in Gemini between the 3rd October 2023 06:03 BST – 5th October 2023 13:32 BST.

Transit Themes

  • Wanting to communicate
  • Feeling restless or tired
  • Being able to adapt more easily
  • Sharing ideas and insight
  • Being open to learning
  • Needing to feel mentally stimulated
  • Allowing yourself to stay curious
  • Needing to connect and relate to others

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You may be feeling more communicative over the next few days, as the Moon takes its monthly trip through the sociable sign of Gemini. 

People will tend to be more friendly at this time and with the Sun currently residing in its fellow air sign of Libra, there is an opportunity for more considered conversations to take place. 

However, whilst you may be more open to connect, you may find that you don’t have as much energy to sustain long social interactions, as Mars, the planet of drive and action, continues to form a conjunction to the South Node. 

Balancing rest with recreation will help you make the most of this energy right now. 

We’ll remain in the Disseminating phase of the lunar cycle throughout this period, inviting us to continuing sharing what we’ve learned with others. This is a time to stay curious to what we can learn from others too. 

Integrating insight and ideas from what has recently been illuminated to us is also a part of the process of this particular phase. 

Allow yourself to explore logically connecting the dots as you go. Stay committed to the task at hand, but also be willing to adapt where need be.

With Love
Eula xxx

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