Astro Jewels: Moon in Capricorn 22nd September 2023 – 25th September 2023

The Moon will be in Capricorn between the 22nd September 2023 21:20 BST – 25th September 2023 00:29 BST.

Transit Themes

  • Working strategically towards goals
  • Feeling more serious
  • Taking responsibility
  • Focussing on your social status and public image
  • Balancing work with relationships
  • Honing skills
  • Building structure and boundaries
  • Feeling committed

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You may be feeling more serious over the next few days, as the Moon makes its way through the hardworking sign of Capricorn.

Any ambitious aims you currently have are likely to take your top focus at this time, especially goals that would help to elevate how you are perceived by others. 

However you could still find yourself feeling pulled between wanting to prioritise creating material success and wanting to seek out emotional success through achieving a sense of inner peace. As we enter into Libra Season, working on finding balance will be key to creating bliss.

We are now in the First Quarter phase of the lunar cycle, which we will remain in throughout the whole of this transit. 

This is a great time for taking action on our intentions, although it is likely that we may come up against some form of conflict on the way.

Try to remember that solutions don’t have to be complex in order to be strong. At the moment you’re more likely to overcome obstacles with simple strategic steps that require placing one steady foot in front of the other. 

With Love
Eula xxx 

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