Astro Jewels: Moon In Aries 19th December 2023 – 22nd December 2023

Moon in Aries

The Moon will be in Aries between the 19th December 2023 22:46 GMT – 22nd December 2023 02:50 GMT.

Transit Themes

  • Excitement and enthusiasm
  • Feeling a sense of restlessness
  • Being more impulsive or impatient
  • Wanting to take action
  • Lacking energy or a clear direction
  • Needing to start or initiate something
  • Feeling driven and determined
  • Being ready for change

You may be feeling more restless over the next few days, as the Moon makes its way through the enthusiastic sign of Aries. 

Although you will likely be feeling driven to initiate some kind of action, leftover lethargy or lack of direction from the Sun’s recent square to Neptune could make moving forward more challenging.

We will be in the First Quarter phase of the lunar cycle during this period, which is an optimal time for acting on our intentions.

You could experience some frustration at this time if you feel like things aren’t moving at the speed you would like, so try and be mindful of any impulsive urges you might later regret.

Remember this is about taking aligned action, towards the direction you want to go and that can require careful consideration and a slower pace.

It takes courage to go after our goals, but sometimes we have to have the courage to take a step back before we can move forward. Mercury is retrograde after all! 

With Love
Eula xxx 

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