Astro Jewels: Moon In Aquarius 18th November 2023 – 20th November 2023

The Moon will be in Aquarius between the 18th November 2023 11:27 GMT – 20th November 2023 14:29 GMT.

Transit Themes

  • Feeling fixated on finding solutions
  • Wanting to socialise and connect
  • Needing to express your individuality
  • Having autonomy
  • Feeling inspired
  • Change and transformation
  • Feeling committed to a cause
  • Knowing your place in the communities you are part of

You may be feeling ready to make a change over the next few days, as the Moon moves through the idealistic sign of Aquarius.

People are likely to be more sociable at this time, and more open to talking about ideas. Especially ones that benefit the whole as opposed to the individual.

You may find that being part of a group or something bigger than yourself is a priority right now. However, it is likely that you’ll still need to establish your own sense of individuality within anything you participate in. 

We will remain in the Crescent phase throughout most of this transit, which invites us to continue our commitment to making our ideals our intentions.

The energy here provides us with an opportunity to be more forward thinking and to look for ways we can be more innovative with our problem solving. Finding a way to blend instinct with logic can allow us to be more detached in our decision making without being driven by emotion.

You may be feeling protective when it comes to sharing your thoughts, but don’t be afraid to reach out to others for help. Community over competition is the way forward. 

With Love
Eula xxx 

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