Astro Jewel: Moon In Sagittarius 28th July 2023 – 30th July 2023

The Moon will be in Sagittarius between the 28th July 2023 01:24 BST – 30th July 2023 04:44 BST

Transit Themes

  • Feeling more optimistic and enthusiastic
  • Needing a sense of adventure
  • Not wanting to feel weighed down by commitment
  • Being more open to opportunities
  • Having more trust and faith in the unknown
  • Focussing on big dreams and goals
  • Wanting to learn more and expand your knowledge
  • Being more dogmatic or trying to assert your authority or ideas over others

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You may find your levels of enthusiasm expand over the next few days, as the Moon journeys through the optimistic sign of Sagittarius.

This transit starts off with an energetic fire trine between the 2 luminaries, inspiring us to approach things with an open heart and mind.

When the Sun is in Leo aka #LeoSeason, the spotlight is put on the potential we have when we authentically align to who we are and allow our creative self-expression to take the stage.  With the Moon in Sagittarius, we can become even more open to the possibility and the vision of what this potential could be. 

During this time the Moon’s phase goes from First Quarter to Gibbous, inviting us to keep taking those courageous steps forward towards our vision. It is also a time to be equally courageous in adapting and refining the plan of how we get there. And perhaps even changing what the final destination needs to look like if we want to be in true alignment to ourselves. 

Sagittarius energy reminds us that life is one big adventure, with many amazing opportunities for growth and expansion along the way. It’s the journey, not always the destination.

With Love
Eula xxx

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