The Daily Check-In

Connect & Correct

“I honour my feelings”

Hello Beautiful Goddess,

Welcome to the Daily Check-In, the place to be when you need to connect to yourself so that you can take the steps to recorrect yourself.

Living the Goddess Lifestyle is all about living in alignment with who we are, but it’s also about honouring how we are feeling at any given moment.

You see, our feelings and emotions play a big role in how we experience and operate within the world around us. However, with the pace and pressures of modern day life it’s all too easy for us to just keep going without stopping to reflect on where we are at, where we want to be and how we are going to get there.

Just as life has its cycles, so do we, which means that our feelings and needs are constantly changing. This is why it’s so important that we make a conscious effort to check in with how we are feeling on a regular basis.

Step 1. Connect with your current feelings…

The first step is to identify how you are actually feeling and why you are feeling this way. If you can, then take yourself someone quiet for a few moments of contemplation.

With complete honesty and compassion, allow whatever you are feeling to come up to the surface, without judgement or censorship. Ask yourself why you are feeling this way, again without trying to control the inner narrative.

Today, I’m feeling…

Step 2. Identify what you need to focus on right now…

Once you have identified how you feel and why, then the next step is to establish what you currently need.

We often take action or want to rush ahead on something before fully understanding where we are at. Sometimes what we think we need to do isn’t what we actually need right now.

What do you need? Is there a particular facet of life or self that you need to focus on?

Spirit & Soul or Self-Acceptance

Love & Romance or Self-Love

Money & Finance or Self-Worth

Health & Wellbeing or Self-Care

Friends & Family or Self-Respect

Fun & Recreation or Self-Motivation

Career & Business or Self-Development

Environment & Surroundings or Self-Preservation

Attitude & Gratitude or Self-Awareness

Do you need inspiration?

Do you need to take action?

Do you need to learn something?

Do you need to find clarity?

Do you need to seek support?

Do you need to rest & recuperate?

Step 3. Choose the right action step to help you…

Now that you know what you need to focus on, the next step is to take the right action step that will help you achieve what you need right now.

Try not to overcomplicate this process by trying to incorporate too many things at once. Choose one action step at a time and if you feel that you need to do more then you can always check-in again.

We’ve put together some suggestions below that you may wish to consider.