The Crystal Cavern

Vibration & Vitality

“Don’t be a hard rock when you really are a gem”

Welcome to the Crystal Cavern.

Crystals and semi-precious stones are a integral part of the Zorluna look and style philosophy and feature heavily in many of the designs. These majestic stones are not only chosen for their beauty but also for their sacred meanings and healing properties. In fact for thousands of years crystals have been used to adorn, heal and protect.

There is an undeniable attraction to crystals. Even the less attractive stones have an intriguing enticement that you can’t help but be drawn to.

Each time a new type of stone is used in a Zorluna design it will be added to the Crystal Library

Amazonite: Truth  Communication Harmony  Balance  Intuition

Amethyst:  Protection  Release bad habits  Spiritual wisdom Psychic gifts  Healing  Cleansing

Aquamarine: Courage  Communication  Cleansing  Calming  Soothing Releases  Closure

Aventurine:  Vitality  Growth Confidence

Azurite: Psychic development  Intuition  Facilitates the intellect  Insight Vision

Bloodstone:  Strength  Courage  Purification Vitality

Blue Sandstone: Psychic protection  Divine connection  Uplifting  Good luck  Composure  Emotional stability  Ambition

Bronzite: Courtesy  Protection

Carnelian: Courage  Confidence  Action  Vitality  Creativity  Transformation Sexuality

Chrysoprase:  Divine connection Compassion  Forgiveness  Opens one to abundance and Love  Emotional balance  Heals the heart

Clear Quartz: Clearing  Cleansing  Amplifying  Healing

Goldstone: Vitality  Drive  Ambition

Jade:  Serenity  Balance  Harmony  Wisdom  Practicality  Good luck Abundance  Attain goals  Fulfill potential

Labradorite:  Psychic powers  Protection  Mystical  Releases fears & insecurities  Transformation

Lapis Lazuli: Inner truth  Psychic abilities  Communication  Enlightenment

Moonstone:  Mystery  Self-discovery Intuition  Insight  Dreams  The Goddess

Pearl: Purity  Innocence  Wisdom Femininity Integrity Honesty Concentration Tranquility Good luck

Pink Chalcedony: Kindness Good will Childlike wonder Inner peace Trust

Rhodochrosite: Compassion  Self love  Emotional healing  Inner peace Recover forgotten talents  Release repression  Joy Inner child

Rose Quartz:  Love  Gentleness  Emotional healing  Release of stress Uniting with the Divine

Smokey Quartz:  Grounding  Transmutation of negative energies Practicality  Organisation  Manifestations of ones dreams and desires

Sodalite:  Access to sub-conscious and intuitive abilities  Enhanced insight and mental performance  Deepened intuition

Sunstone:  Leadership  Benevolence  Strength  Abundance of blessings Enlightened male energy

Yellow Calcite:  Intellectual power  Self-confidence  Enhances psychic abilities  Facilitates learning  Mental clarity  Accomplish tasks  Personal power  Optimism