The Core Lessons of Self: Self-Awareness

The Core Lessons of Self are a collection of lifelong processes that focus on positively raising the inner beliefs and feelings we hold about ourselves, so that we can create a life that we love.

Each of the Core Lessons of Self is connected with a specific facet within our Jewel of Life system. In this post we’ll be exploring the lesson of self-awareness and its importance in the facet of Attitude & Gratitude.

Homework for the lesson of self-awareness:

Below are some questions to help you delve deeper into the lesson of self-awareness, so that you can enhance your relationship with yourself and create more balance, bliss and brilliance within your life.

Question 1: What does self-awareness mean to you?

Question 2: Where in your life do you practice self-awareness?

Question 3: Where in your life do you think you lack or struggle with self-awareness and why?

Question 4: What do you need to let go of in order to create more self-awareness?

Question 5: What can you start to implement to enhance your self-awareness journey?

Question 6: What challenges do you think you may face in your journey of self-awareness and how will you overcome them?

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