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  • What does it mean to have a support system in my life?

    Posted by Zorluna on 26/06/2022 at 10:00 am

    Journalling is the practice of writing about our thoughts, feelings, experiences and ideas and is a great way to connect to ourselves on a deeper level.

    Each week we’ll be providing you with a new question, topic or idea to explore. This weeks journal prompt is:

    What does it mean to have a support system in my life?

    Even though creating a life of balance, bliss and brilliance is ultimately our own responsibility, we all need to feel loved and supported if we are to live our best, most fulfilling lives. After all, we don’t do this life alone, nor would we want to. 

    Our friends and family are the people who usually make up our support system as they are the people closest to us, and so the question is, how supported do you really feel? 

    The truth is, we may not always feel supported by those around us and this can be for a number of reasons. Sometimes it’s simply due to a lack of understanding or communication, sometimes it’s because of the limited capacity of the people involved, and sometimes it’s because of an imbalance in the relationship.  

    Think about the ways in which you currently receive support and where you feel you lack it. Also consider what you think is a reasonable level of support, how comfortable you feel asking for help and if so how your requests met. 

    Journalling is a personal process, but we’d love to hear any insights or ideas that come up for you, that you’d be willing to share.

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