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  • How easily do I allow myself to experience joy?

    Posted by Zorluna on 10/07/2022 at 10:00

    Journalling is the practice of writing about our thoughts, feelings, experiences and ideas and is a great way to connect to ourselves on a deeper level.

    Each week we’ll be providing you with a new question, topic or idea to explore. This weeks journal prompt is:

    How easily do I allow myself to experience joy?

    Joy is something that we should all be prioritising, yet many of us can struggle to fully allow ourselves to be joyful or enjoy the moment, even when we are doing something we love and that makes us feel happy.

    This can be for a variety of reasons, whether it’s because we are overwhelmed, unfulfilled, facing hardship, or feeling that we simply don’t deserve it.

    Life will always have its challenges and that is something we can’t ignore. However, despite the difficult times, we all deserve to seek happiness and experience joy.

    Journalling is a personal process, but we’d love to hear any insights or ideas that come up for you, that you’d be willing to share.

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